We’re enabling a future of portable communities.

Meem smart contracts are agreements deployed, owned, and controlled by communities themselves, defining how they want their tools to work.

Our first app, Symphony, lets communities publish together, starting with Tweets.

Try Symphony

The future of media is person-to-person

Our open-source smart contracts define nuanced relationships between assets and people. Developers can use meem’s protocol to build and deploy a wide range of decentralized media experiences.


Come Together

Create membership tokens and set nuanced permissions and logic.


get organized

Sync your favorite tools and control how you collaborate with them.


share ideas

Spark conversations with powerful publishing and remixing capabilities.


build freely

Work to build public goods in community with like-minded creators.

Check out our first two projects

Ethereum Package Manager

A no-code tool for uploading, deploying, and managing smart contracts

You design the roles and responsibilities for your group and decide what tools you’d like to use together. We’ll ensure the tools respect your rules.