the protocol for decentralized media

Meem invites you to share, remix, and monetize your works without the confines of traditional media & social platforms. We give you the tools to build experiences for the communities you care about.

Start Building

The future of media is p2p.


Build what you know

Use our SDKs, experiment with dApp templates, or build straight on contract. We make it easy.


set the terms

Let your community control their media and set your own rules and rights.


reward work

Manage how your community’s work is measured, credited, and compensated.


play together

Create new collaborative & interoperable media experiences. on open-source, multi-chain rails.

Check out some dApps being built on Meem:

🐦 0xmeem

Tokenizing tweets to create dynamic assets that can be collected, curated, and sold.

✊🏼 memesters union

Organizing dApp to help proliferate creator rights. First we turn memers into owners.

πŸ› plates

Unstoppable marketplace for (tokenized) meal servings, connecting people with food to people with stomachs.

βœ₯ Clubs

Instant group credentials. Use easy membership cards to create portable on-chain social graphs that unlock web3 tools and experiences for your community.

πŸ– graffitiverse

Building the street art layer of the metaverse in support of artist UBI.

πŸ“– storytime

Collaborative storytelling tools optimized for community media projects.

πŸ”₯ 0xfurnace

Community-driven digital netherworld project. New burn address supporting artists and anti-fraud public goods.

πŸ‘• Fits Club

Tools for designing, sourcing, and distributing community merch, starting with high-quality logo apparel for Clubs.

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Come build with us.

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Get a Memesters card to join our community and start building with decentralized media networks.

Read our docs

Learn about our technology and how it can be used. Our tools unlock the power of decentralized media for your community